ElmulAdvia (Pharmacology)

Kulliyate Advia wa Advia Mufradah

(Pharmacomy & Pharmacology)


Departmental Objective:


At the end of the course in Elmul Advia (Pharmacology) Paper-I, the students should be able to:


  • Definition of Elmul Advia with their various branches, zulkhasa & Soorat Nauyea.
  • Students will be able to know about mufradat Dawa (Single drugs).
  • Details knowledge of Advia.
  • Evaluation of unknown Advia.
  • Effect of Advia on systemic disease.
  • Details knowledge of mufradat dawa (Mawaleed Salassa).
  • Identify, source, collection, storage, therapeutic use, basic chemical constituents of medicinal plant, adverse effect, side effect and recent research information of murakkab dawa (Mawaleed Salassa).
  • Student will able to know some optional subjects.
  • Nutrition and food cum medicine.
  • Agro technique of medical plants.
  • Aroma therapy, Herbal beauty care, cosmetology.
  • Advia abuse management.
  • Details knowledge of Advia Jadeda (Detail knowledge on Allopathic drugs)