Dept/bums/Mediconomy & History of Medicine

Kulliyat-e-Tibb (Mediconomy)


Departmental Objectives:


  1. Recognize health and disease in the light of Unani principles.
  2. Identify Tabi’at, the real healer of the body.
  3. Apply basic analytical knowledge and skills of the fundamental principles of Unani medicine.
  4. Comprehend the philosophical aspects of medical system.
  5. Identify non physical entities of traditional Unani system.
  6. Apply philosophy, non physical entity in medical practice to invigorate the modern Unani System.
  7. Comprehend the historical value related to indigenous medical system.
  8. Recognize and develop medico-cultural relationship in Unani medical field among SAARC and Middle East countries.
  9. Understand the past, to put the best into practice in the present, to plan a better future in the medical field.